Founding Fathers

England’s Grandpa & the Million
Kids of the World’s Biggest Killer

Up to a few months ago, Scottish retired lecturer Ian Kinnaird was known to family and friends as smart but quiet 72-year-old chap, who once studied Africa as part of his Geography degree. Now, after a DNA test, he’s fast becoming known the world over as a rare direct descendant of the first woman on Earth, Eve, who lived in that continent 190,000 years ago.
That immediately reminded us of Genghis Khan, a ruthless tyrant known as much for the record numbers of those he killed over seven centuries ago, as for those he left as descendants. In fact, recent studies on the Y chromosome variants, linked him to as many as a third of the current world population, some sharing a direct blood line with him.
Kinnaird‘s test showed that his mitochondrial DNA, passed through the female line, was 30,000 years old and only two genetic mutations removed from Eve. While most men have a genome with around 200 mutations since the earliest humans, Kinnaird’s genetic markup makes him ‘the grandfather of everyone in Britain”.
In the case of Genghis Khan, the Y chromosome, unlike all the rest, has only one copy, passes unchanged through generations of males, Continue reading