Ghost Writer

Blog Author Goes Missing,
May Fail to Write New Post

The disturbing news that readers of this blog are about to receive now may be a shock to some. Others will simply throw their hands up the air and say something like, I knew it. Yet, the great majority, the real target to which new stories are published on this space every week, those, well, they couldn’t care less, and probably won’t even noticed anything unusual.
Still, we feel that it’s our duty to let you all know that the writer of these posts, the person to whom we’ve created a public profile, with an avatar and a proper username, has gone missing. We’re out of words. Literally. Seriously, we ourselves couldn’t write a single sentence even if our lives depend on. But we’ve looked everywhere and we simply can’t find the author.
See, since its inception two years ago, Colltales has had an agreement with this person – let’s call him ‘WC’ – and it goes this way: in exchange for food and drinks (no alcoholic beverages), board but not heat, and a walk in the park every once in a while, WC produces a story every day, which can be a completely original or a comment on the world of wacky and odd news, animal reports, unusual sights, etc.
Thing is, lately WC’s been very inconsistent. Often, when we come to collect the story for publishing, WC’s not around, or haven’t finished it, or has to be coached out of bed. Since we absolutely don’t want you, our faithful reader, to be disappointed, we sometimes lose it, we’re very sorry to say. But so far, despite some shouting and shoving, we haven’t failed you, have we?
It always works, or it has. If one positive thing can be said about WC – and believe us, there are not many to report, and don’t even let us start with matters of personal hygiene, attitude or even common courtesy – is that, even if at the last minute, he’s always provided us with something, heaven knows how, that pops out right when we’re already a bundle of nervous about to commit some despicable act.
Often, since WC doesn’t type or couldn’t even begin to understand how to use Word (we’ve tried is, but the laptop wound up cracked on the floor. Don’t ask), the writing is, let’s say, poorly presented. (more)
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A Farewell to Furs?

What’s Up With Bogart, Gable &
the Other Hemingway Cat Friends?

Throughout his adventurous life, few creatures brought Ernest Hemingway more pleasure than cats. So, only three years after his tragic death in 1961, Bernice Dixon bought his Key West home and turned it into a museum to celebrate one of America’s greatest writer.
Thing is, soon enough, visitors seemed more interested in the cats, lots of them, than in Papa’s legacy itself. Now they number at 45, and the house doubles as a museum and a sanctuary to them, all supposedly descendants of one of his favorite cats. Also, they’re all polydactyl.
Another distinguished characteristic sets this felines apart: most of them are named after movie stars and famous people, both the living, and those who’ve passed away and rest on a private cemetery in the museum grounds. Now their tranquil existence as keepers of Papa’s life is being disturbed by a recent legal decision.
The U.S.Court of Appeals ruled that the Department of Agriculture has jurisdiction over the cats, subjected to the same rules that regulate zoos and traveling circus animals. So, the care for some of the best treated felines in America now requires a federal license, and as such, it can and may as well be revoked.
In one incomprehensible bureaucratic twist, a lot of federal, state and local laws and resources are being directed at a group of cats that have been helping the public interest in the life and work of Hemingway to remain very much alive. They’re also essential for the museum’s fund-raising efforts and sale of exclusive keepsakes at its store.
At the same time, just a few blocks of its location, and throughout the Florida Keys and many parts of the entire U.S., stray and abandoned Continue reading

Number 32 Dream

On the Brink

Meet an Amur Leopard,
the World’s Rarest Cat

There may be only fewer than 50 individuals of this beautiful feline left in the wild. It shouldn’t be so, since they sit at the top of the food chain. Guess who’s been mercilessly hunting them for centuries?
Now the World Wildlife Fund has set an area covering 650,000 acres in Russia for the Land of the Leopard National Park, a last-ditch effort to prevent these magnificent creatures from extinction.
That’s why we dedicate this Caturday to the Amur, the rarest among the rarest. Click on the picture to watch the video. There are also many other ways you can help, including adopting one of them.