Fuel for Torque

When to Serve O.J., Beer
Or Whiskey to Your Gadgets

In the future, you may not drink (god forbid) but you’ll still need whiskey for your home, orange peels for your car engine, and some beer, to improve Wi-Fi reception.
In other words, if now it’s already common to pump your ride with alcohol, are we too far away from rehab clinics for homes and public transportation?
Something is already happening in Scotland, where a pilot project will power about 9,000 homes with whiskey.
By the way, we’re favoring here the American spelling of the word. Natives of the British islands know a few differences between whisky and whiskey.
Everybody else would be happy if all the talk about names would simply go away, so they could have a drink already.
That being settled, haven’t you heard that Scots hold well their liquor? Nothing out of order, then, that they may live in homes fueled by their Continue reading

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