On the Cheap

Getting Married? a Coin in the
Machine & a Toilet Paper Dress

Since we’ve borrowed and read Charles Dickens’s Hard Times, we keep seeing signs everywhere. But despite the crisis, people are still getting married, bless their souls, so at least some of us are hopeful things will improve.
Things are already improving (knock on wood) for at least one demographics: gay couples, who’re finally, and ever so slowing, gaining the right to share in the miseries (and benefits) heterosexuals have been abusing for years.
In New York City, for example, some lucky LGBT lovers will get married free of charge on July 30th, in a big, collective ceremony sponsored by Pop Up Chapel. It’ll be a gift for them, to mark the state’s recently approved same-sex legislation.
For everybody else, there’s the AutoWed, a “wedding vending machine that will get you two hitched in minutes for just $1.” Continue reading