From Outer Space

A Rock From the Stars at a
Rock Star’s Future Doorstep

Most of us still wish upon the heavens above. Lovers exchange vows at the sight of a shooting star, oblivious to the destruction it can harbor, or that our species one day may end from such an event.
But do rock stars wish upon stars too? And if they do, what’s left to us? Such transcendental questions came up, when we pondered about some recent, and quite puzzling, meteorite news.
When wealthy British citizen Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner and his wife purchased a 16th century, 26-hectare Lake House state in England’s rural Wiltshire County, in the 1990s, many were very impressed. Not us, though.
In fact, we don’t really care about the real estate market, even if the news concerned a former rebellious singer-songwriter, who renamed himself Sting and became a superstar leading a band called The Police.
But there was something about it all that caught our fancy: before Sting, the place housed an almost 200 pound meteorite for over 80 years.
When it landed on what would became the front yard of the house, no one yet knew that we’re all made of stardust, and many years in the future, some people were going to be routinely referred to as rock stars.
The true rock from the stars, however, has had a relatively obscure and lackluster Continue reading


Meteor Showers May Again Be
Obscured by the Raining Kind

This morning, early dawn, the Leonids annual meteor shower arrives again. Although historically known to be the most active of the various of its kind throughout the year, this time around astronomers expect the show to be of the modest kind, because the moon will be almost full. But if you live in New York, you wound’t know it either way.
After a few unusually warm nights, fall in the Eastern Seaboard remains as unpredictable as a meteor count, and a cloud-covered Continue reading