Salish Sea Feet

Cut-Off, Sneaker-Wearing Feet
Mystery May Be About to Be Solved

Just as we enter the week preceding Halloween, one of the real
life’s goriest stories seems to be finally ready to be laid to rest.

Since 2007, a total of 12 severed feet, most wearing sneakers, began appearing off the coast of Canada, in the Pacific Northwest.
The fact that they we cut off from their bodies was enough to churn local law enforcement’s collective stomachs. The macabre detail of the runners sneakers found in some of them only added to their mystique.
Many theories were considered and discarded, including the possibility of a maniac on the loose, prying on joggers, or even of a cult, with a sick fetish.
But after a while, the trail dried up and everybody’s feet went cold Continue reading

Imagine There’s No Country

Self-Sustained Community
Thrives in Colombian Jungle

For once, they’re are not indigenous people. Or a still uncontacted tribe. And if you’re wondering, they do know all about 21th century living. They’re just no longer interested in it.
Meet “Las Gaivotas,” (The Seagulls, even though they’re miles from the sea), a self-sustained community founded in the Continue reading