Open Gait

If You Are How You Walk,
We May Be Watching You

‘Tis is the season for zombies, those ghouls born out of the desperate imagination of Caribbean tribes about to be enslaved by even worse demons, 17th century European human traders.
But if the overkill of the prefab undead by the contemporary entertainment industry is not enough to make you sick silly, you may still think that the way they walk is kind of funny.
Well, brace yourself, for there are other fears to be had that no walker can instill on you: the dread that your own gait may unwittingly reveal something very dirty about yourself.
Using a system called Plantar Pressure Imaging, a Japan’s Shinshu University Continue reading

Reax Shots

Dissenting Views
On Women’s Issues

Every Monday, a number of Colltales readers receives a Newsletter with the issues that may dominate the week ahead. It’s a way to offer them a platform to be part of meaningful discussions over current affairs. This week it was mostly about the International Women’s Day.

Afonso G. has this to say about the state of women’s issues, circa 2011.

“I’ll take stand for life and the unborn – as unpopular and out of fashion as it is.
“I hypothesize there is something more going on here than just the rights of women. I write all of this as a former supporter of the so called ‘pro-choice’ movement and join Mrs. Roe and many others.
“When you write of the for-profit Planned Parenthood, assuming Continue reading