Vanity Fare

Will Stiletto Implants
Help You Get Noticed?

As this age seems ripe for a revival of the obscurantism and intolerance of the pre-Enlightenment Era, many seek comfort in the scientific method for its clarity, and the free exercising of personal choice.
But in these challenging times, science is often at the service of the powerful and the vain. And it’s never easy to see the world, even with a new set of eyes, or walk the earth on the high-heels of insanity.
A couple of recent examples of the grotesque potential research gone fatuous can lead us to frankly scared the bejesus out of us. It even made us wonder whether those old Greeks really existed or just had to be invented, so to make up for the vast areas of nothing our beings really care about.
Starting by the eyes, which brings the incomprehensible reality straight to our brain’s decoding chamber, down to our feet, which carry us through the dirt and eventually ground us to a halt too.
So it happens that these two crucial input ports of our bodies have Continue reading

Campbell Soup

Racially Offensive Ad Places Cadbury
on Clash Course with Naomi Campbell

Of course, we could’ve just ducked and let this one zipped right above our head. But it’s just too good to pass.
Cadbury, the British candy-maker owned by U.S. giant Kraft Foods Co., decided that nothing will be more effective to call attention to its latest chocolate bar than to compare it to a certain past-her-prime British supermodel, known equally for both the designer clothes she sports and hyper high-strung temper she Continue reading

Rapture Attire Tips

Radical Fashion for
Your Last Day on Earth

Just in time for enjoying the balmy weather in the Northern Hemisphere, may we suggest your most proper attire?
For the ladies, we thought about something light, colorful, to go along with the joy of being rescued from this valley of tears straight to the triage line for the final rapture. Accessorize it with some long-hanging jewelery and voilá, you’re ready to face the end of the days in style.
For you guys, nothing says “I’m ready” better than the hoodie Continue reading

Where Are They Now?

When Miniskirts Could
Land Young Girls in Jail

In the summer of 1967, these two young women decided to take a stroll in Porto Alegre, south Brazil, sporting the latest fashion apparel of the time, the miniskirt. Mary Quant‘s greatest contribution to the world, hardly a year old by then, was all the rage in the Swinging London of the 1960s as it was in New York, Paris, even Rio de Janeiro.
But not in Porto Alegre, apparently. Their pioneering spirit and sense of style got all but lost to the small crowd that Continue reading

Lettuce Now Praise

Harmless Police Mishaps &
The People Who Love Them

A burglar who stole about $90 from an elderly woman in England is getting more than his fair share in the glare of the fashion spotlight, thanks to the Hampshire police. The cause for such a widespread alarm to fashionistas and, well, elderly women all over is the sketch the good cops released of the now more than notorious criminal.
The sketch, known in England as an “e-fit,” for you non-anglophiles out there, shows some well defined facial features of the offender, who’s said to be on his 40s and having wavy blond-grey hair. Now, about Continue reading

Papa Was a Soccer Star

Brazilian Transsexual
Is Fashion Supermodel

How do you tell your world famous father that you’re a transsexual? And that you’re going to be famous too? What if he, despite fame and fortune as a soccer player, remains private and very much in touch with his poor, illiterate and deeply devout upbringing?
Meet Lea T, who had to go through all of that to become the world’s possible first transsexual supermodel. While her father, Brazilian great Toninho Cerezo, reportedly wishes it all would just go away, there’s not a chance for that. Not now that Lea is Continue reading