Guerrilla Meals

Grafters, Edible Streets and
Famous Trees Killed by Idiots

The idea of turning urban greens into food resources for the hungry and the homeless is not new. But as far as the economy is concerned, there’s an increasing urgency making such an informal idea into a practical alternative to help feed the poor.
Several cities in North America and Europe already have some kind of seasonal programs that turn selected green spaces into edible tree markets, open to anyone. These programs are usually run in partnership with grassroots communities, and some are quite ambitious, aiming at creating new fruit tree species.
Talking about species, though, no other is as ambivalent and contradictory as our own, and along with such commendable efforts and noble purposes, there’s always the unconscious, the cruel and the plain ignorant who won’t hesitate at terminating a thousand-year wondrous life, that only happened to be on the idiot’s way.
Notwithstanding the patronizing aspect of such efforts, a fruit tree-lined street, or a corner in a public park, do offer a renewable, low-cost maintenance natural resource, that can provide a nutritious Continue reading