If the Headhunter Won’t Call,
You May Apply to One of These

It’s been said that we’re living through the wonders of a ‘courtesan economy.’ In fact, if there’s a profession that has shown a lot of resilience during this crisis, it has certainly been the world’s oldest. Apparently, and against what you may have heard, One Percenters continue to sleep really well, and often with high-paid company.
Now, if you’re nowhere near possessing curvaceous assets to market, or your bloodline left you wanting, you may be actually losing some sleep lately. But fear not: there are still plenty of positions available. To be sure, on the fringe of society, yes, some involving firearms, possibly, others not easily identifiable, perhaps, but they’re out there.
For example, have you ever had to ‘extract’ some valuable information from someone, that wouldn’t be forthcoming if you wouldn’t resort to some specific set of physical skills? Boy, do we have a place for you to start. Or let’s supposed you’re pursuing a higher education but lack the resources? don’t worry, there’s a university that can work out a plan with you (hint: it involves eating).
And so on. Don’t we all keep hearing about how poor people all of a sudden have decided they’re not in a mood to find a job, preferring instead to heap those fat government checks? Well, at least that’s what we’ve read from a presidential campaign brochure. But you’ll see, also, Continue reading