Three Strikes

A Stolen Body Part, Haircut
& Your Own Personal Thief

Maybe it’s the times we live in. No wonder even the Apocalypse gets postponed these days. But when it comes to stealing, there seems to be no shortage of ideas.
Take the Body Works exhibition, for example. Most of us are familiar with that show, a display of human bodies in various states of vivisection, all covered with a layer of plastic for your discerning enlightenment. Bodies, by the way, said to be of summarily-executed Chinese prisoners, purchased on the cheap (a steal?) by the show’s creator, who denies the charge.
But never mind that. A few years ago, someone managed to top Continue reading

Death by Blue

What a Little Canister in Goiania
Has in Common With Fukushima

As the world pulls its collective hair watching dozens of workers struggle to contain the radiation from Japan’s leaky plants, scores of scientists around the world lose sleep over the damage caused by nuclear crisis past.
While the Fukushima disaster has already surpassed the combined radiation produced by Chernobyl and Three Miles Island, other, less well known nuclear disasters may better guide us out of this dangerously overheated, seawater soaked, plutonium infused mess.
Over at the New Scientist magazine, for example, technology features editor Sally Adee revisited an over 20-year old case that resonates Continue reading