Dear Mr. Mayor

A Quick Reminder to
NYC Mayor de Blasio

The personal safety, unalienable freedom of expression, and integrity of each one of the thousands of Climate Emergency activists that’ll descend upon New York City today and next Friday are entirely on your hands, Bill. Here’s hoping you’re getting ready as we speak.
That means that today we need you to be on the streets playing the top cop. And the NYPD will do strictly as it’s told. By you. Hold your batons, Bravest, and let the world speak through the young and the old, the poor and the would-never be rich: Climate Action Now.
There must be absolutely no arrests for protesting, no attempt to corral people marching to save the Earth. No harassment, no tear gas or pepper spray against those brave enough to face multibillion-dollar interests with only the power of their conviction.
No police-state threat or intimidation. No A.I. facial recognition of those a misguided law enforcement establishment may intend to persecute. Turn off the too many surveillance cameras everywhere. Curb your worst offenders, ban ICE from even showing up.
The world will be watching more than the usual, and marching along. So be there, on the ground, making sure the voice of the Earth is heard obscenely loud. Forget 2020 for a moment; it’s not your ‘moment to shine,’ but to take responsibility. Show up and scream along.
History won’t forget or forgive those who are betraying the planet now and cashing in while the circus is burned to the ground. Your grandchildren must hear how great you once were, not that you were out there, slandering the faith put upon you to be the mayor of change.
There’s no need for speeches from you or any other fat cat; your job is to safeguard what’s left of the greatness of this city, its immigrant, working-class roots, and its legacy of dissent. New Yorkers don’t expect anything less from you. Don’t screw this up.

Ice Float

Island Bigger Than Manhattan Is
Drifting Away from the North Pole

A gigantic chunk of ice, four times the size of Manhattan and as thick as half the height of the Empire State Building, split up from the Petermann Glacier in Greenland, eroded away by ocean warming currents at its underbelly, according to scientists.
Its estimated freshwater content could keep flowing the Delaware or Hudson rivers for more than two years, or all U.S. public tap water for 120 days. It’s unlikely we’ll ever see all this water around, though, as the island is expected to slowly drift away towards the Atlantic.
Ice chunks breaking away from their glaciers is a common phenomenon, according to glaciologists. What’s unusual is the large sizes of recent break offs, more typical of Antarctic icebergs, and the rate the currents are causing them to split, 25 times that of the surface melt.