Hot Lips

Things One Can Tell
Just by Kissing You

As if there aren’t enough excuses for us to avoid touching each other, it’s now easier than ever to spot a few health conditions just by looking at someone. Or, at the most, with minimal physical contact.
If such contact would happen to involve the lips, it’s natural that people would be paying extra attention to their general appearance. To get more aroused by their lusciousness? No, silly, to check for signs of some lurking ailment, if not for poor hygiene habits.
Certain things are common knowledge. Swollen lips, for Continue reading

Fading HIV

Good News May Point
to World Without Aids

The Obama administration’s formulation of a new Aids/HIV policy in the past weeks coincided with a cluster of good news that may be pointing to another turning point in the fight to control and eradicate this epidemic worldwide. At the same time, social factors continue to represent the most serious obstacle to achieve such lofty goals.

With about 37 million people living with the infection in the world today, one million of them in the U.S., plus the over 24 million who already died of the disease since 1981, including half-million Americans, Aids has definitely not gone away, despite the appearances that the worst is over. Continue reading