No One Can Hear

The Loneliest Whale in the
Ocean Can Not Find a Mate

Her voice was first heard in 1989. Oceanographers have been following her songs for two decades. It all indicates that she’s a baleen whale, a subspecies that includes the great Blue, the Fin and the Humpback whales. But there’s something very sad about this creature.
Unlike any other in the ocean, she (or he, no one knows its gender) sings at a 51.75Hz frequency, way above the 12 to 25Hz range of every other whale. It’s a frequency her kind can’t Continue reading

The Beta Factor

Radio Has Many Fathers
But Only One Takes Credit

Radio created itself, as they say. But Italian Giglielmo Marconi is credited as its first facilitator, the one that actually tamed its waves into a serviceable device. The historical record though actually points to a combination of inventions and circumstances at the device’s origin, not to a single inventor. Among the many that have anticipated and laid down the path for Marconi, there’s Brazilian Roberto Landell de Moura. But you probably never heard of him, have you?
History is littered with great inventors, visionaries, people who could’ve changed history itself but didn’t, or couldn’t, Continue reading