Lost at Sea

The Tsunami Fishing Boat
& Other Ghost Ship Stories

When a 50-foot long Japanese fishing boat was spotted last week, some 150 miles off the coast of British Columbia, there was little doubt that it’s been adrift since the powerful earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan a year ago. As no one is believed to be aboard, many also thought about the countless ghost ship tales that’s part of the ocean lore since ancient times.
There’s probably not much mystery about this vessel and others before it, abandoned by their crew following some catastrophic event in the middle of nowhere. Yet there are a few whose inexplicable fate is as enduring and deep as the sea is vast and unpredictable. And unlike this particularly rusty boat, they do have names and records that only add to their allure.
There’s something about the Mary Celeste, the Carroll A. Deering, and the Zebrina, to name a few, that still defies a completely logical explanation, as they all may share elements of foul-play, illegal activity, mutiny, some unexpected fact or a combined variation of any of such possible causes, none enough to determine for sure what actually happened onboard.
Then again, as any crusty sea captain or battle-scared sailor would tell you, once one’s heading out to the vastness, most assumptions about logic and predicament should be left ashore, anyway. Even Continue reading