Kids, These Days

Things Teenagers May Excel at,
Despite What Their Parents Say

It’s a brand new, wild world out there. But some things have hardly changed. Parent complaints, for instance, about how their teens are wasting their lives and may wind up in the gutter.
Not so fast, though. Yes, the air is lethal out there, and happy campers will be crushed. But it’s all so new that jobs that weren’t even around in the 1990s, are already minting millionaires.
For millions of baby boomers, who did waste their youths telling their elders that they could outsell The Beatles, or live off the land, or become a yoga master, the end result was not so pretty.
But it’s not fair for them to now bitterly preach platitudes they never believed in the first place, and that may actually wind up breaking the hell out of their kids’ spirit.
Time to stop barking lessons, and focus on what’s at stake here: how to dislodge that gym-trained body holding a dream-soaked mind, from the cocoon of their room out to the real world.
No, we’re not about to dispense advice, but we did do the ‘finger’ work for you, to uncover some of those things that actually occupy their hearts and minds, when you think they’re doing their homework.
It’s a short list, because we too have boring jobs and unfulfilling lives, and no longer get excited about the latest and the shiniest to capture the attention of immature minds. Just something to get you going.

It’s clear what you’re thinking, but no, we’re not about to digress in the wonders of those utterly annoying Web kids, who command audiences of millions, and have hardly anything to say.
But if your teen spends a lot of time on the Web, messaging friends and, well let’s not go there, he or she may be ready to dole out videos about any kind of expertise he may have.
It’s a good gig but let them try on their own; you would never understand any of that anyway. But it may offer him a path, a window? to their destiny. Or not. Just don’t waste money on it.

Let’s face it: there’s just one Malala Yousafzai. Or Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. But all over the world, there’s a huge demand for compassion and helping hands. And the causes in need are vast.
Your kid may show a penchant to help out others, if at the end of the stick there’s a possibility of travel a million miles away from you. Your masterful skills will be required to put it all together.
But, heaven forbid, always make it look as if it’s their own idea. (more)
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Whiz Kids

Instead of Hanging Out, Some Teens
Would Rather Find the Cure for Cancer

There are parents who believe their kids are really smart, despite evidence to the contrary. We’re not about to burst their bubble, but as not everyone can be filthy rich, the odds for a crop of super geniuses are simply not there. Fortunately, some teens do make the whole race proud, grim statistics notwithstanding. It’s just our bad luck none of them is sleeping upstairs, so to speak.
In the time it takes to type ‘celebrity teens’ on the search field, a 15-year old developed a way to detect pancreatic cancer, a 17-year old devised a potential cure for all types of the disease, an 11-year old solved a chemistry puzzle his scientist dad could not, all the while a 13-year old, who designed a more efficient layout for solar cells, got his experiment, well, debunked.
And you thought adolescents spend most of their precious time text messaging. Maybe only the ones we know, we’re afraid. For even if these inventions may not represent the breakthrough in the medical and technological fields that many are hoping for, they prove that some youth is not only about wasting energy reading about the latest fracas involving Chris Brown.
So we say, yay and we may not be alone on this one. Many a jaded New Yorker can be refreshingly optimist when it comes to give credit to Continue reading