All Together Now

Things to Do With
the Earth & the Moon

All things considered, it’s been hard to get along these days. So in the interest of building bridges and spreading a message of goodwill to our fellow, jaded humans, we’ll highlight two things today that may bring people of the whole wild world together: an Earth Jumpathon, and a Point Your Laser to the Moon activity.
Granted, you may not have heard of any sillier ways of wasting your time before. But it definitely beats bringing guests to a shooting range, or asking for their comments on a McDonald’s whopper. Just in case, thought, we’re keeping everything bouncy and light, so you won’t get so bored as to walk out like a buzzkiller would.
Since the beginning of times, earthlings have found more satisfaction while playing and tending to apparently innocuous, mindless pastimes than when forced to perform tasks. The reason is simple: our brains are better equipped to learn when they don’t have to focus attention on a single set of duties.
It is in fact, exactly those mindless activities that better train and prepare it to times when problem-solving is required, according to recent neurobiology studies. The highly variable factor in this equation about learning brains is, of course, the other members of our species.
They can represent the difference between a playful routine of the likes that help children grow and cope with the natural world, and a wide ranging social experiment, revealing deeper links underlying any group activity. The roots of our sense of community and mutual collaboration can be traced back to how much time our ancestors spent interacting with each other for no apparent gain.
These two activities to be described below also belong to that category, ‘I always wonder about.’ It’s in such file that we keep our sense of curiosity ever simmering with new queries about life, the universe, and Continue reading

Just a Castaway

The Oldest Message in a Bottle,
Rubber Ducks & Grim Footwear

Those searching for romance, and adventure, in all the wrong places, had another reality-check moment this week: an old bottle with a note inside, found off the coast of Scotland, was not sent by some unkept shipwreck of the past, but was part of a research project.
Even as it turned out to be 98 years old, a Guinness record, the finding was far from igniting the ardor of lonely hearts everywhere. Alas, romance has been all but absent from the latest returns from the sea, as debris from last year’s tsunami have been showing.
A soccer ball, a couple of baby grands, a Harley-Davidson, even a massive fishing dock have already washed ashore in U.S. coasts, reminders of the tragedy in Japan. Everything but a nice, heart-warming message of despair from someone stranded in a faraway island.
But no one should be so picky about what the sea may bring you, even if romantic pleas for ‘rescue me, please,’ are hard to come by these days. Most of everything would be better than the wave of multiple single-pair sneakers, each with a foot inside, that began to appear a few years back in northwest shores.
The grim discoveries, which seem to, thankfully, have stopped at least for a while, were traced back Continue reading

The Seven Billionth

Scarier Than A Ghoul Is
Another Mouth To Feed

A truly frightening thing will happen during Halloween this year: The United Nations says that the earth will welcome its seven billionth soul.
Even if the date is as fictitious as any zombie you may come across between now and next Monday, the weight of its numerical value is real and spine tingling.
Even if there will be no camera documenting the historical birth, and in fact, it may have already happened, this mathematical projection is as accurate as most hurricanes can now be predicted.
In the same token, it may be easier to find a ghost and take it to Fox News to be interviewed on October 31th, than to catch the precise Continue reading