The Week So Far

An Iceberg, a Sugar Pill, Mona 
Lisa’s Bones & That’s the News?

An irony fit for our times is that the bigger the media gets, the less it gets to cover. As nothing hits the air without a sponsor, it gears heavily to ‘human-interest’ stories, from the latest about your diet, to what’s happening with Tom and Kate. But today we’ve got a few topics that belong neither to this nor to the breaking category. We call them bottom of the top, or cover of the well stories. 
The iceberg bears troubling news about the climate. Homeopathy’s not usually associated with harassing scientists. Mona Lisa’s bones, yes, that one, are about to be uncovered. No word about her smile. Plus, a guy who wrote his own obit and confessed to crimes and misdemeanors. And guess what? there’s a new widow crawling in town. Relax, you cheating hearts out there; she’s not wearing black. 
Be it for fascination, or out of sheer obsession, we keep collecting stories like that, which anyone can see, are not ready for the prime time that once was, neither can be boxed into the weird category. We think of them as spices we add with caution, to flavor our sometimes depressing streaks.
Some of you, though, would be quick to call us lazy, for we extract Continue reading

Eye of Beholder

Eyes of Mona Lisa May Hide
Leonardo’s 500-Year Secret

So it turned out that, while we were being captivated by her smile, the real enigma of the Mona Lisa was hidden in her eyes. It’s just the latest mystery surrounding one of the most famous paintings of all time, Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece, of which we know close to nothing.
In fact, our five-century old fascination with La Gioconda, as it’s known in Italy where it was painted in 1503, bears pure obsession. Throughout the years, scientists have engaged in heated contests as to why she didn’t have eyebrows, whether her smile had something to do with high cholesterol, and who on earth was she. Was this the portrait of Lisa Gherardini, the wife Continue reading