All Together Now

Things People Do on  
Earth & at the Moon

All things considered, it’s been hard to get along these days. So in the interest of building bridges and spreading goodwill to our fellow, jaded humans, we’re revisiting a time when some were happy to just play along together. Thus behold the Earth Jumpathon, and a Point Your Laser to the Moon activity – don’t laugh, it was big in the 2010s.
Granted, you may not have heard of any sillier ways of wasting your time before. But it definitely beats bringing guests to a shooting range, or posting a picture of Big Whopper on social media. Just in case, though, we’re keeping everything bouncy and light, so you won’t get so bored as to walk out like a buzzkiller.
Since the beginning of times, earthlings have found more fulfillment in playing with pretty much anything than getting crushed by yet another mindless task. Like showing pics of you chomping down on some junk. That’s because our brains are better equipped to learn stuff when idle than when hung up on some stupid routine.
It is in fact exactly those mindless activities that better train us to react in a flash when facing the unexpected, according to recent neurobiology studies. The variable in this equation about learning brains is, of course, the other members of our species. No one needs to be reminded about how unreliable that bunch can be.
A playful routine of the likes that help children cope with the natural world can turn into to a wide-ranging social experiment, revealing deeper links underlying any group activity. The roots of our sense of community and mutual collaboration may be traced back to the time our ancestors spent interacting with each other for no apparent gain.
The two activities to be described below also belong to that category, “I always wonder about.” It’s in such file that we keep our sense of curiosity ever simmering with new queries about life, the universe, and everything, to bring up a fine restless mind, that of Douglas Adams, who unfortunately left us 20 years ago this May.

Growing up back in the last century it was common to hear that China had so many people that if they all would jump, they’d move the Earth off its axis. Well, folks at the Straight Dope seemed to have grown up at the same time, for in 1984 (when we were (more)
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Vanity Fare

Will Stiletto Implants
Help You Get Noticed?

As this age seems ripe for a revival of the obscurantism and intolerance of the pre-Enlightenment Era, many seek comfort in the scientific method for its clarity, and the free exercising of personal choice.
But in these challenging times, science is often at the service of the powerful and the vain. And it’s never easy to see the world, even with a new set of eyes, or walk the earth on the high-heels of insanity.
A couple of recent examples of the grotesque potential research gone fatuous can lead us to frankly scared the bejesus out of us. It even made us wonder whether those old Greeks really existed or just had to be invented, so to make up for the vast areas of nothing our beings really care about.
Starting by the eyes, which brings the incomprehensible reality straight to our brain’s decoding chamber, down to our feet, which carry us through the dirt and eventually ground us to a halt too.
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Chewed Up

Walkman Fast Forwards
to Generational Oblivion

After 30 years, Sony just announced that it’s discontinuing the production of its fable portable players, which served as the power engine behind countless soundtracks for the 80s, whatever that may have been to you.
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