Going Under

As the Ice Melts & the Water Rises,
Some Think It’s All About Business

Where many see a loss, a few see an opportunity. Such a sacrosanct business tenet may not find enough apologists, though, when it comes to climate change. While that sort of discussion is bound to become overheated, the glaciers of the world, well, haven’t you noticed? they’re still melting.
Greenland’s been so far the poster nation for the changes: while warming waters are ruining its fishing industry, they’re also opening its receding real estate for mineral exploration. In the Pacific, however, entire islands are literally going under. Guess what will happen to their populations.
The environmental impact of our presence on this planet seems to be accelerating at a pace with our own demographic explosion, and daily heavy use of harmful pollutants. What few can safely predict is whether we’ll be able to catch up with the transformations before they crush us.
Since they’ve become faster in the past fifty or so years, all our prediction models are essentially speculative. That makes easy for climate-change deniers to jump at every opportunity whenever a faulty data, or an overzealous approach, may rush to a conclusion that no one, not even them, would like to face in the near future.
Thing is, when it comes to a large but limited, complex but enclosed Continue reading

Drowning Nations

Global Warming May Claim
Its First Micronesian Nation

The 29 low-lying coral atolls in the Pacific Ocean that make up the Republic of the Marshall Islands have a history that goes back four thousand years. This Micronesian nation was named after an English captain, hosted U.S. WWII battles against the Japanese and nuclear tests, and was ruled by a succession of European powers. It finally became a self-governing country in 1979.
It’s now the first one risking to disappear for good, under the threat of rising sea levels. Its 60 thousand plus inhabitants are running against the clock so it can also be declared the first Continue reading