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Who Is the Mad Dog 
Murdering English Cats?

Maybe it’s Internet envy. You know, people who hate you just because you’re all over the Web. And your name is Justin Bieber. The culprit is unlikely to be among cat’s biggest enemies (no, not dogs): bird lovers. But watch out: the U.K. has a serial kitty killer on the prowl.
Nothing cute about it, though. Someone is beheading cats in the South London Croydon neighborhood, and police has no clues, other than the killings are gruesome and ostensible: the psycho leaves mutilated bodies where their human companions can easily come across them.
Again, it may have to do with Internet access and its magnifying effect. For justAtop a Mountain, in Calp, Spain (Aleksandr Osipov:NatGeo)a few decades ago, serial killers were known mostly by law enforcement agents. Now, you need to ask your Uncle Bob to please, shut up already, when he babbles about them as if they were his pub buddies.
Their creepy habits, pathology, and biographies are a constant theme of family dinner conversations, and inspiration to countless movie plots; best seller books and even songs have been written about them, and everybody seems to have heard of that lonely soul who married one in jail.
That’s how most of us know of a particularly haunting trait they all seem to share: an early childhood taste for torturing and murdering small animals. Thus, the British press, not particularly known for nuanced coverage, sobriquet for the newest psychopath: Croydon Cat Ripper.

Cats have attracted extreme passion or fear throughout history, and the overstatement needs no emphasis. From ancient Egyptian adoration to Dark Ages‘ obscurantism to redemption through the Black Plague, the domestic feline trajectory with humans has been as vertigo-inducing as a roller coaster.
But once clichés are set aside, a richer picture emerge, of a creature with a rare appeal, both aloof and Zen-like tempered; independent, suffused with mystery, and yet, resolutely loyal to those who (more)
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My Oh Meow

A Cat Who Would Be Mayor
(& the One Who Already Is)

The biggest political bombshell of last week was, of course, the revelations that a candidate to a major elective position may not be completely er, invested in the majority of those he’d potentially serve. Secretly recorded footage of him showed a previously unknown, and utterly unkind, side of him.
We’re talking of Tuxedo Stan, as you’ve probably guessed it, the candidate to mayor of Halifax, Canada, who turns out to be… a cat. The news about his candidacy may have come as a shock to everyone but to residents of Talkeetna, Alaska, who for the past 15 years, have had a cat named Stubbs as mayor.
Without making too much of the joke, to the point of running it to the ground, and yet, doing exactly that, let’s get the overarching argument about the current failure of our (human) politics out of the way. And since we’re at it, let’s add also the overheated, and deranged, argument that it’s time to do away with our system altogether.
It’s usually at this point that advocates of such overbaked theory jump at the wayward conclusion that no matter what we do, in the end, we’re bound to elect a clown to high office. And supposedly we’d be doing far better just letting the inmates run the asylum. Or, as in these cases, our own pets.
We’ll let it slide how self-fulfilling such a prescription to disaster can be, from the part of those who propose it. It’s quite boring, really, in its predictability, to see how those who, otherwise would be soundly defeated in the polls by even a piece of furniture, would try to up their Continue reading