Amnesiac Swimmer

Mystery of Italian Who Thought He
Was Greek Is (Only Partially) Solved

When the Dubai police rescued a man who was swimming far off shore, last August, most people thought it was the happy ending for a story that could have gone terribly wrong. And that would be the end of it. Well, they would be terribly wrong, themselves.
The man, who identified himself as “Greek footballer” Andreas Kostantinidis, seemed otherwise utterly confused and could not remember anything else about himself. When authorities realized Continue reading

Floating On Air

Scientists Replicate Out-of-Body
Experience. Is It All Just an Illusion?

One of the cornerstones of the mystical experience, an essential component of pretty much every tradition of spirituality since immemorial times, is now facing a big challenge: scientists at the University of Geneva claim they have “fooled” research subjects into thinking they were out of their bodies during an experiment.
Using a clever combination of cameras and virtual reality Continue reading