Tiny Friends

Bacteria That Restore Old Frescoes & Change Climate By Group Decisions

Germaphobes not withstanding, without bacteria we wouldn’t last long on this unwashed planet. And there’s much more than meets the (microscope-clad) eye about these microorganisms.
They’re already being used in oil spills and for turning sewage into electricity. Now, meet a “new” generation of bacteria, capable of making decisions in group or restoring art masterpieces.
So, layoff those bacteria-killing products, in itself a multi-billion dollar industry already, and let some do the dirty work for you.
And it’s a lot of work for these tiny and incredibly diverse beings, whose biomass surpasses that of all plants and animals on earth combined.
That also includes the ones working inside and outside your body right now, which is a lot more than you could say about your uncle Bob.
In any event, you may need to keep in mind that the ones inside you Continue reading