They Suck

Leeches & Maggots to Heal 
Wounds & the Well Heeled

Let’s supposed you just got into a non-life threatening car accident. You’re fine but your thumb may need microsurgery to remain attached. It’s time to call the suckers.
Now, before you phone your press agent (yes, we forgot to mention you’re also famous and do have one. Just play along, will you?) to inform your fans that you’re Ok, it was just a scratch and all that, hang on.
What the good doctor needs most is some leeches, to drain the congested blood in the area and help the skin recover. The little slimers  have natural anticoagulants, to keep fresh blood flowing until new vessels grow, and anesthetics for the pain. All to get your thumb up in no time.
Not in a mood to deal with that at the moment? No problem. Wait a few days and have your physician apply some maggots, to prevent necrosis, and you should be good to go. After that, yes, by all means, call your agent.
The practice of using leeches in cuts and wounds, and maggots to preserve tissue has been around since at least 1.500 BCE. But it’s Continue reading