Infinity & Beyond

Voyagers Leave Solar
System, Promise to Call

Talking about the little, multi-million dollar, engine that could. The Voyagers twin spacecraft, launched 35 years ago next August and September, are about to reach a place full of cliches but still vastly unknown: the interstellar space, the area beyond the imaginary trajectory of even the farthest member of the Solar System. Literally, it’s about to get to where no one has gone before.
The small crafts don’t even register on the world’s most powerful telescope screens and NASA scientists track them both by complicated astronomical calculations. But their math indicates that, yup, Voyager 1 is almost at the Heliosphere, and #2 is coming up soon after. Bye bye cruel world that mostly forgot about us, then. Except that we haven’t.
Sorry, there won’t be any cake waiting for you guys, to mark the occasion, and even our messages will get to you ever more apart from each other. They now take almost 17 hours to get to you, but fear not; Continue reading

Gas Giant

Neptune’s Anniversary Marks
Its First Orbit Around the Sun

The god of water and sea was discovered in an icy corner of the Solar System, exactly 164.79 years ago, on Sept. 23, 1846.
The crooked number of its first anniversary since it has been detected by Englishman John Adams and Frenchman Urbain Le Verrier, is counted by the years it takes the blue giant to complete an orbit around the sun.
It’s one of the many still mysterious, still foggy things about Continue reading