Death of a Cottonwood

Beloved Shoe Tree Gets Axed
Near America’s Loneliest Road

When a tree falls in the desert, and no one is there to witness its toppling, does it still makes people mourn it? That’s what everybody is wondering now that a 80-year old cottonwood was toppled by who knows who off Highway 50, in Nevada. There are many trees like that all over the U.S., of course, but what sets this one apart is, or rather, was its collection of shoes.
Middlegate folks will tell you that once upon a time in the Continue reading

Burning Man

Nevada Desert Art Festival
Focus on Living in the City

Part communal art festival, part anarchic gathering of like-minded trippers, part celebratory ritual of free expression, the annual “Burning Man” event is under way on the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.
Since 1986, this weeklong party has been increasing its countercultural profile, attracting tens of thousands of people from all over the world, who spend the 100-plus degrees days and chilly desert nights creating sculptures, live Continue reading