Hot Spot

Fukushima Sows Sunflowers
to Help Ward Off Radioactivity

Who said that we never talk about flowers? When the earthquake and following tsunami hit Japan, in March, we all feared for the worst. The cores of the aging nuclear plants near the city of Fukushima all but melted completely down, and a still unknown amount of radioactivity was released into the surrounding air and sea water.
In fact, no one knows for sure the extent of the disaster and the impact it will still cause going forward. Plant officials have been notoriously reticent about the damage, which doesn’t mean that the good people of Japan won’t overcome yet another man-made tragedy.
In the meantime, studies have been measuring radiation levels Continue reading

Design for Living

Doomsday Survival Pods
to Shelter Small Families

In the New Year, we’re not touching any doomsday theory, either with a 111-foot pole (till May 11, 2011) or longer to fit the Mayan calendar, nor anything before, between or beyond that. But we’ll reserve the privilege to take notice of the people that would go to great lengths to prepare to such an event, if it ever happens.
Take Evgeny Ubiyko, for example. A self-appointed Russian Continue reading