Lights Off

The Veiled Art of Blind Photography,
French Cuisine & Classic Ballet Dancers

For the visually impaired, taking a revealing picture, tasting a world-class dish or enjoying a dance performance may be way easier than trusting a stranger’s eye sight.
Yet, Evgen Bavcar’s black and white photos, Fernanda Bianchini’s ballet academy, and Dans Le Noir’s dinner in the dark can be all eye opening experiences even to the vision-enabled.
Either because of personal aptitude, imbued by a higher social purpose, or simply to add another dining possibility to a city known for its diversity, when it comes to sensory perception, not being able to see is not always a handicap.
Even without getting into the tiresome aphorism of ‘you can do it,’ it’s often the absence of a sense what enhances all others, including empathy for those who try to overcome their limitations.
What’s moving about the blind photographer in the 1991 movie Proof is not that he can’t see, but that he’s constantly second-guessing the descriptions of his photos given by those to whom he shows them.
But it’s an anecdote told by two friends, Willie Nelson and Ray Charles, what best illustrates how to navigate with humor such thorny issue as mistrust.
Ray once told a late night host, that they had for years enjoyed playing chess against each other, and that he would usually beat Willie. Which prompted his friend, on another late show, to retort: yeah, but did he tell you that the lights were always off?
Before he was 12 years old, Slovenian-born Bavcar had two life-altering accidents that stole his eye-sight for good. Not long after, he took his Continue reading

Change the World

TED Award for J R,
Street Provocateur

If you’re not well acquainted with the agitprop world of graffiti expression or street art, or don’t live in one of the slums of South America, Asia and Africa, you may never have heard of J R, the secretive Parisian artist who just won the TED’s 2011 “Wishes Big Enough to Change the World” award.
But to scores of impoverished communities around the world, it’s Continue reading


Right There!

Right There!

* In 1953, photographer

Lawrence Lariar asked:

Have you had much

premarital sex experience?