Two Scents

NYC Smells on a Book
& Odd Odors in Bottles

Scientists have long known that the sense of smell is not just the most emotionally evocative of our senses, it’s also the most subtle.
It can influence decisions, derail business deals and crucially affect our judgment about a our fellow man (or woman).
Now, a self-published book will offer a tour of the rich, varied and often brutal smells you come across in New York City.
Following that, check the oddest collection of smells ever contained in a bottle, and see whether one of your favorites is out in the market, sold as a perfume.
New York, Phew York has accomplished what no multimillion dollar Hollywood production has been able to: capture a sample Continue reading

Wait a Minute

Hard Times Bring Changes &
Crazy Ideas to Eating Places

Restaurants are like churches, someone already said: they exist solely to cater to the hungry, and yet they often leave them with an even bigger gap inside.
The other day, we caught an interesting and very useful take on restaurants fulfilling yet another function in our convoluted social relations: our home office.
The online discussion was about the benefits of becoming a regular at your favorite eatery, so to use it as a place to conduct your personal business too, along with eating and meeting people socially.
The idea, of course, is not new. But the article was instructive because of the author’s detailed strategy pursuing his dream of having an extended home office away from home.
So, there was the advantage of be known by the staff, of having Continue reading