Down Under

The Man-Made Underground
Wonders Time Almost Forgot

Here are three amazing places that few people alive today have been privy to: a billiard room under a lake in the U.K., an abandoned train station in New York, and a cathedral carved in salt in Poland.
Each is its own wonder, unrelated to the others, built for completely different reasons, and amazingly tucked away somewhere underground.
But before you start packing, in a hurry to visit them before something happens and they’re no longer there, you’d better be sure you have what it takes to be let into their secrets.
Given their beauty, mystery and exclusivity, though, it’s definitely worth a try. Because even a single, personal peak at any or all of them may be enough to make you feel like one of the chosen few. Continue reading

Jail Polish

Goat’s Busted
On Way to Tryst

God “The Sex Machine” Goat has been known in Kretzyn, Poland, for his voracious libido. His friends say that for the most part, he’s a nice guy, who enjoys grazing in moderation and loves afternoon naps.
But then suddenly, he gets into a funk and every farm fur and Continue reading

Naked Joke

Nazi Mickey Poster
Causes Stir in Poland

It’s not the first time Italian artist Max Papeschi takes an elaborated, albeit cheap, shot at the Disney iconography. What never ceases to surprise anyone paying attention is how he always prompts the same outraged reaction.
All it took, this time, was for him to slap Mickey Mouse’s head on a naked female body with a swastika next to it, for good measure, and voilà, another eruption of enraged comments popped up all over the European press.
The gigantic outdoor poster with the image is at the entrance of the artist’s new show in Poland, where predictably strong feelings about nazi horrors are still raw. But a quick Continue reading