Wild Corpses

Dead Mass Murderers
Shouldn’t Smoke Weed

After so many years of madness, there’s a growing consensus that we definitely lost the drug war. And a lot of people who only those smoking something really bad would ever associate with the multibillion dollar business of drug trafficking and the failed laws designed to prevent it, have now joined the public debate.
A recent article by former Fed Chairman Paul Volker and former U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz, just to mention two distinguished public figures known for moderate views on government policies, defends a honest, open public debate over drug decriminalization. Which is good news for drug advocates and, specially, activists for medical marijuana.
At the same time, disturbing news connecting pot to dead homicidal leaders also came to light, almost as if it’s a Continue reading


Pet Talk

The Goldfish Is Not for
Sale & Other Animal News

Just when San Francisco is considering a ban to all pet sales, focus groups for monkeys, a thinking parrot and pot head rabbits are making news around the world.
While to the untrained eye, these events wouldn’t amount to much on the “liberal-biased media,” for Colltales this is serious stuff, lest not forget the majority of Americans households is the domain of a pet or two.
At the city named after the patron saint of the animals, a ban on the sale of cats, dogs and the eventual hamster is in the works since last year.
The idea was to curtail the ever increasing puppy mills trade, Continue reading

Merry Juana

Cops Seize German Pot Plant
Decorated as Christmas Tree

The holiday cheers, which had an earlier start this year at a household in Montabaur near Koblenz, Germany, are already over. And the place’s main resident, an “old 68er,” which is how Germans call former activists of the long ago peace protests of 1968, is under arrest for drug possession.
It all started when the police got to the house and found about 150g of marijuana, which in most nights, would be enough to cheer up any peace activist, let alone law enforcers with a mandate to book you.
But before they left, they noticed an odd-looking tree in the living room. Under closer scrutiny, the centerpiece of the holiday decoration turned out to be a six-feet tall pot plant on a tree stand, with cute twinkling string lights.
As the now not-so-cheery fellow explained while being led away by the buzzkill squad, the tree was not quite ready for “Silent Night” just yet, and the plan was to add gifts under it. Just like it’s done everywhere else.
And you thought the business of holiday folly is alive and well in Germany. Or buzzkill squads were a thing of the past.