Thieves Like Them

Enterprising Law Breaking
Takes Cues From Wall Street

Perhaps inspired by the boldness and impunity of white collar criminals, thieves, kidnappers and all manner of law-breaking career enterprisers are showing ever more their entrepreneurial tinge these days.
From a robber with a to-do list to a hijacker who sues his victims to a hotel advising its guests to steal, the booming field of the illegal seems bent on pushing boundaries towards what was once considered taboo.
Of course, these initiatives, albeit daring and full of enthusiasm, pale in comparison with the billions of dollars the financial industry as a whole, for example, has stolen from the American people.
And, as the Occupy Wall Street movement has amply demonstrated, there seem to be no limit to the amorality that the same firms that have bankrupted the economy shamelessly exhibit even this late in the game.
The handwritten note seem conspicuously innocent, found by the police at the scene of a crime in Manchester, England. It looked like one of those notes bank robbers hand to the cashier, right before someone press the alarm button and, well, do we need to finish Continue reading

Spoiled Pageant

Miss Brazil Robbed, Forced
to Surrender Car at Gunpoint

Deborah Lyra has had a great run as Miss Brazil. For a year, the 21-year old beauty queen got the royal treatment, in exchange for a shining smile and the fulfillment of a busy agenda of appearances. Her term as the most beautiful woman in a country known for its beauties Continue reading