The Day After

10 Years Ago Today, Recovery From
the Monster Tsunami Got Under Way

The day after Christmas, 2004, a giant wave came crashing on the beaches of 14 Asian countries, taking a quarter of a million lives with it, and leaving indelibly tragic memories on its wake. But the day after, survivors and volunteers from all over the world fought back.
Nothing will replace those gone with the receding waters, or their earthly possessions lost to the flooding. But tsunamis and tragedies do happen all the time. What not always survives is the courage to move on. And that was exactly what took place at those places and time.
There were worldwide ceremonies marking the first decade since the equivalent of a small city got wiped out of the face of the Earth. Neither those who perished will be forgotten, nor those left behind will ever get used to their absence. But they will light candles and carry on.
It helps that much of what was destroyed has since been rebuilt. Emotional wounds take long to turn into scars, but just like in Japan, reconstruction is truly remarkable. No one’s wasting time waiting for the next wave. And when it does come, they’ll beat it all over again.

Hang in There

Job Offer in Sri Lanka
& a Profession to Kill for

It’s the economy, stupid. If we could get a call back for each time we’ve heard this blunt, over the top, and not very polite expression, well, we’d probably grasping our cellphones real tight just about now. Or checking foreign job boards, for better offers. And we mean, far away from our borders.
In Sri Lanka for example, where they’re looking for two good men. You must relocate, though, and the food may take some getting used to, but it’s a hands-on position, and demand for the required expertise is very high. Oh, by the way, the candidate must know how to hang people to death.
That’s right, the offer is for an official executioner and an assistant, who’re expected to face a backlog of over a thousand death row inmates, waiting for their sentences to be carried out. For that, you may not need to speak either the Sinhala nor the Tamil languages; hand signs would do, apparently.
You may be surprised that, at this day and age, there are still a number of government-paid jobs for professional executioners, but you shouldn’t; even in the most technologically advanced societies in the world, such as France and England, only recently the profession has been officially abolished.
In the U.S., as you probably know (and we hope, not from personal experience), prison wardens are usually assigned to the operation of Continue reading