Bring Your Church Program

Texas Studio Teaches
Pole Dancing for Jesus

Some Christians are just fine going to church every Sunday. Some make a special effort to conduct themselves according to the precepts of the lord. But for some, that’s simply not enough. For those with a yet unfulfilled, burning ardor to serve god, there are classes to be taken. Not Bible classes; pole dancing classes.
That’s right: a dance studio in a Houston, Texas, suburb is Continue reading


Battle for Your Heart (and
Wallet) Reaches Fever Pitch

JUST IN: The Fort Worth Transportation Authority banned religious or atheist advertisements on city buses, which means the latter group won this battle. While the atheists will have to take down their ads from the buses, the religious van will go on.
It may be the season. It may be the times. It may be that those who don’t care far outnumber those who do. It may be a number of things but one thing it is not: a meaningful fight.
It used to be a factor only for lands laying beyond the Hudson River. Armies of increasingly belligerent believers fighting growing hordes of dismissive rationalists over who should own a stake on that trivial but potentially explosive question: what’s your religion? A quiz that has been fading from pretty much any Continue reading