Trick or Truce?

Game That Stopped WW1 May
Have Never Happened. So What?

It supposedly went on a century ago today, on the Flanders Fields of Belgium. English and German soldiers put down their weapons and deemed a friendly game of football more appropriate for Christmas than the roar of canons. And so they played, according to a soldier’s letter.
But alas, as inspirational it all may sound, there are doubts about the account, which is in line with our age of cynicism and inconsistent devotion to the truth. It’d have been great, but many are not sold on the idea that such a truce would’ve been even possible.
Then again, who cares? Yes, if it isn’t true, then ‘reenactments‘ of the episode are ridiculous, lessons to be learned about human piety are downright phony, and even the statue, ‘designed by a 10-year-old boy,’ is, well, besides the point, isn’t it? It really doesn’t matter.
The following year, both sides made it official: anyone attempting to get cozy with the enemy would be summarily shot. But the idea that we do have the power to replace hostilities, Continue reading

Drop a Line

Late Love Letter Outlives

the Form And Old Love Vows

Letters can be time capsules. Specially now, that no one write them anymore. A couple of weeks ago, a love letter sent in 1958 finally landed at California University of Pennsylvania. It was lovingly addressed to Clark from Vonnie.
You’ll see that such a 53-year gap actually represents a much farther distance. To begin, sending love letters at this day and age may easily downgrade someone to a not so good mental standing category.
In fact, considering that even email in its long form, say, two or three sentences, is already on its way out, a letter written five decades ago could have been sent from Pluto, for all Continue reading