Dreams, Theft & Fire

Sleeping Artist, Amoral Friends
& the Man Who Burned to Death

Ah, the wonderful world of the absurd. Or, as Aunt Eve’d call it, there’s a freak show out there. What are you doing about it?
We know, she could sound pushy, but the point is, under the patina of normality, the sheen of business as usual, the varnish of any day in the life, weird things happen, people strive to break the mold, and the result, is what follows.
Take Lee Hadwin, for example, a 37-year old North Wales nurse who’s never studied nor is particularly into art. That is, except when he’s at sleep.
Since he was four, Hadwin has this strange habit of sketching and drawing on his sleep. He’s done so often that now, Continue reading

More Than Nine Lives

World’s Oldest Cat
Is Not Slowing Down

You may remember a lot of what happened in 1972. While Abba played on, 100,000 people took the U.S. streets to protest the Vietnam war. It was the year of the infamous Sunday Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland, and the birth of Bangladesh and Shaquille O’Neal. It was also the last time a man walked on the moon.
1972 is when Lucy was born too. The 39-year old from Wales is believed to be the world’s oldest cat. Despite being deaf, she’s still fit and sharp as a whip, according to her family who has researched her past and concluded that she was born on Thomas Street, Lianelli, all those years ago.
For those who give currency to that sort of thing, 39 years in the life of a cat correspond to some 172 human years. We don’t usually do too well when reaching old age, though, and most if not all of us, never even considered including rodents in our diet. But cats do.
She’s oblivious to all the fuss, which is just fine since some buzzkill from the Guinness Book of Records made a point of saying that it has no entry for oldest cat. Whether they create one just for Lucy is besides the point: mice and small creatures still won’t be seen around for as long as she keeps a daily patrol of her domains.

Serial Beaker

Psycho Swan
Out of Pound

Now you know why comedians place their highest bets on finding material with politics and public figures’ antics. Most of every other piece of news nature throws at us has, by itself, its own punch line. To add anything to the stuff that makes up 90% of the news is not just redundant, it’s just plain unfunny.
Take Hannibal, for example. Here’s a swan who’s always taken it Continue reading