December 8

The Day of Departure
for Lennon & Tom Jobim

They never met but, despite the age gap, were contemporaries and arguably two of the top composers of the soundtrack of the 1960s and beyond. Antonio Carlos Jobim, or simply Tom Jobim, and John Ono Lennon, share one thing in common, though: the date they both died.
John was 40 when he was shot in 1980, and Tom, 67, when he died after a medical procedure, 14 years later. While one was from Liverpool and the other, Rio de Janeiro, they’ve both departed from New York City, after having changed the world with their music.
It was for the better, so we won’t dwell on their passing, but on their glorious, generous, full of vitality lives. They’re both still immensely missed all over the world. But what they’ve created was made to last, and to make us happier than we would’ve been without them.
Thus, this montage with the two side by side, linked by fate, joined by a muse, shared by billions. It’s been 36 years since John walked among us, and 22 since Tom left us, but there hasn’t been a moment when their art has stopped being all that’s absolutely marvelous about the human experience on this planet.

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