Brave Old World


Sure, I’m scared

just like anyone else. But be also scared about the use of the “foreign born” prefix on almost every story about the would-be car bomber, now in custody. Aren’t American citizens supposed to be just that, Americans?

Yeah, we’re scared

but we’re also hurt that President Obama, yes, that one who said we could, was caught defending oil drilling and now has lost the moral ground to at least say, “I told you so.” Even if BP and whoever else responsible for this tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico pays and pays it dearly, can that really cover what’s being lost forever as we speak?

Oh, I’m all full of jitters

but be also nervous about the tyranny of the 24/7 news cycle that made opponents of the windmill project proposed to the Eastern seaboard seem like a bunch of spoiled whiners. If you think about it, you realize that with certain matters, it’s either do the right thing the right way or don’t do anything at all. Has anyone studied the impact of rising water temperatures the project would cause and how harmful it’d be to the region’s marine species and the ever-shrinking local fishing industry?

Of course, we should all be very afraid

but don’t forget that, in the rush and confusion and fear and half-relief we got from the failed car bomb attacker arrest:_- there’s still need to be a thorough reform in Wall Street, if the financial industry is ever to go back being just part, albeit an important part, not the biggest share of this country’s wealth._- we still need to go after Arizona and other demagogues and let them not ever get away with their racist immigration policies. Or we cannot be serious to call this the United States._- we’re not done with implementing health care, so all that loud show put on the media a few weeks ago will mean in facto progress to 40% of the population. Or we already forgot that billions for banks in distress were dolled out as if there were no tomorrow, but no change was found to save Saint Vincent hospital from closing its doors in Manhattan last week?

There’ll always be a crisis du jour for us to be distracted about, no matter how silly or serious it’ll be. No question about, advertisers can’t be left waiting; there’s no time to decide what’s worthy reporting and what’s just fluff, specially if you’re reading this blog, for example; and finally, we can’t put up the same headline every day of the week, now can we?

But buyers, beware.


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