Obama Barrel

The Spill Speech
& The Self Sheriff

Tuesday, President Obama talked extensively to the nation about the current status of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, his administration’s efforts to control the disaster, BP’s responsibility and what’s expected from it, and his commitment to help end our addiction to fossil fuels.
As usual, Loc Lleywes is eager to put his two cents on every issue. In the past, we’ve managed to ignore his self-important opinions, so convinced he always is of his own high moral ground and expertise on a variety of issues that, honestly, we’re sure he knows little about.

But this time, we acquiesced and let him speak. Here’s what he had to say. Please be advise, proceed with caution.

“Thing about that spill is that it’s bounded to be shut some day. Some folk will come up with a way to choke the leak for good. Too late for some, but it’ll be done. What I’m not too sure is whether we’ll ever stop loving oil. That may take more than we’re willing to accept.”

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