Lupicinio Rodrigues

Lupiscinio, (1914-1974), a Brazilian samba composer, was born poor and black in Rio Grande do Sul, the country’s main destination state for European immigration movements of the 1800s and 1900s. A childhood of hardship and the physical distance from the samba culture of Rio de Janeiro, Bahia and other northern states imprinted his art with a melancholy tone. He’s known for creating the so-called “dor de cotovelo” (literally, elbow pain) music, a type of bluesy, longing style, favored by intimate interpreters. A passion for soccer led Lupicinio (who dropped the S when  he became famous) to compose the official hymn of his favorite team, Gremio Football PortoAlegrense.

One thought on “Lupicinio Rodrigues

  1. Jorge Carlos (Carlinhos - Floripa) says:

    Lupe, grande mestre do samba-canção e da boêmia, traduziu em suas músicas de letras nuas os sentimentos do cara apaixonado, do amor traído, da dor-de-cotovelo, com uma musicalidade impar. Além disso, era Gremista. Demais!!!


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