Signs & Announcements

Signs & Announcements

Route Changes – Ladies and gentlemen, this is your conductor. This train will make all local stops between Wittbury Bridge and Dominic Boulevard, except for 65 Street, Junction, Archers for God and 21st Ave stations. For those stops, please take the Uptown-bound #9, switch to P train and get off at Temp Place. A shuttle bus between Temp and Beachhead Straights will be running every 45 minutes. Riders in route to the Howard Hughes Memorial Airport must get off at Wittbury Bridge, walk two blocks North to Blue Willow Cemetery across Standard Ave. and

take the Belvedere 40 bus, except on weekends and holidays. For weekends and holidays, you may as well walk to the airport. Thank you all for riding the ATM transit system.
Fire Drill: To: all residents of 243A. Re: Testing of Fire Alarms
The management Board wishes to inform you that the fire alarm system will be tested by Fire Marshals sometime on Friday, October 3 and Saturday, October 4. This is a reminder for you to panic during those tests. Thank you for your kind attention and understanding. The Building Manager
Bathroom Rule: All employees must wash their hands with soap after using the toilet. If you’re an employee and (more)

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