What’s Cooking?

This Evening, Share Your
Dinner With Your Neighbor

During the (one of many) energy crisis of the 1970s, a U.K. campaign became an instant hit: “Share a bath with your neighbor and save water,” or something to that effect, was a short-lived government-sponsored campaign that found many a quiet flat dweller going beyond the call of duty and having lots of fun in the process. Ah, those tamer times we dare not speak of any longer.
But alas, the world may’ve taken more than its share of frightful turns, but certain basic human needs remain reassuringly constant. For some of us, meal time can be made into an occasion for companionship and sharing of precious resources, all along making a statement about energy preservation and the environment.
That’s the idea behind Luong Lu’s concept of sharing dinner with neighbors. Or rather, he adapted a growing trend towards “cooperative cooking,” that seems to be already percolating for a few years in New York City and other big urban centers, and reoriented it to the single lifestyle.
All it took was to create a system to properly cover the shopping, cooking and, above all, the invitation process involved and voilá, a group of strangers can potentially become a group of friends, sharing meals, estories and much more. A the potential for romance and happy endings is not lost to anyone either.
The Food Tech Connect blog is helping spread the idea and the participation and input from individuals is greatly encouraged. Who knows? Maybe Oprah will pick it up too and next thing you know, an intimate dinner with a few of your neighbors will be the start of a beautiful friendship, bottle of wine optional.

One thought on “What’s Cooking?

  1. danielle says:

    Thanks for spreading the word!


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