Warring States

A Pot of Soup Made
Before Jesus’s Birth

It’s 2,400 years old, it’s obviously cold and the bones in it are green. On the upside, it’s still liquified, it may’ve been cooked for a member of the land-owning class and it’s paired with a glass of an odorless concoction believed to be wine.
That’s the latest discovery of a group of Chinese archaeologists excavating an empty tomb in Xi’an, China’s capital for over a thousand years. The ancient bone soup, which has turned green because of the oxidation of the bronze pot where it’s been stored, will help the study of eating habits and culture of the Warring States Period (475-221BCE).
It was in Xi’an, in 1974, that a terracotta army of 114 warriors was unearthed at the burial site of Qin Shihuang, China’s first emperor, who presided over the unification of the country in 221BCE and ruled until 210BCE.
There’s no way of knowing whether the soup and the wine were left in the tomb to assure the deceased had the proper nourishment on his trip to the great beyond. Or they were just leftovers from some hearty meal, shared by an ancient group of thieves, just before they looted the place.

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