Curtain Raiser

No-Deal Maker Loses Again, Colltalers

So the master of the deal has failed again. Another historical summit with North Korean Kim Jong-un got wasted because the U.S. president showed up ill prepared, flanked by two war mongers, and with no clue on how to set in course a safe path for peace.
Right on cue, India and Pakistan, nuke-ready nations, resumed hostilities. The failure was a blow to 70 million Koreans, plus more around the world, but Trump’s most likely focus, and concerns, was on his longtime personal lawyer spilling the beans to Congress.
The best thing about this week then may be a reminder: on Women’s Day this Friday, at least a record seven female candidates will be vowing to unseat the president next year. Maybe the time to have a mother in the White House is now, not as many expected, and still mourn, in Nov. 2016. But even if candidate ‘anyone-but-Trump’ wins, there’ll be a huge bag of broken deals to be fixed.
The thing is, a president doesn’t have to be a diplomat. Trump, specially, could’ve avoided to play such a bull in the china shop, if he’d considered years of talks with North Korea, the role of South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in, China’s influence, trust and all other factors that take time and effort to build into a common accord. Instead, he put Max Pompeo and John Bolton in charge.
Both the Sec. of State and the National Security Adviser follow the ideology that places the U.S. atop the world, with all the perks and full autonomy to intervene, invade, bomb, or otherwise threaten any country or organization that they may perceived as an enemy of American financial, military, and business interests. But neither would accept such rights for others, outside their terms.
Such a role, though, only exists in their war-forged, privileged-imbued, self-preserving, and deranged, minds. The world wants the U.S, to lead it to peace and prosperity, not to be its dictator. If these hawks want to pursue their delusions, they should put some skin in the game. As much as they’d love to send Americans to their grave, though, neither would allow their own kin to enlist.
Again, no one needs to wear combat fatigues to know about the potential carnage a U.S. intervention would cause in Venezuela, for instance, or even worse, Iran. Since being named

by the president, however, that’s what Pompeo and Bolton have been working on.
Michael Cohen, a lawyer who’s spent years as a Trump fixer, and will start a three-year sentence for doing just that, revealed plenty in his testimony to the House. It was curious, if not disturbing, to see Republicans calling him all but a snitch, as some disclosures about illegal actions he took for his boss, and the president’s own mob-like M.O., match well-known patterns of the underworld.
Now, if any other president had been as much as hinted at having partaken in illicit activities of the level of allegations of colluding with Russians, for one, or paying up prostitutes to keep silent, he’d have stepped down already or would be facing impeachment.
For Trump, however, as comedian Bill Maher put it, ‘it’s just Tuesday.’ None of this gets to his supporters, who either don’t believe it or have much to gain by ignoring it. That’s why many fear he may get reelected. But this time, it won’t be without warning.
Which brings us back to the Women’s Day, and the relative euphoria that some segments have shown about a few candidates to president. With all due respect to Sen. Bernie Sanders, there’s an even greater majority of voters who want a woman to lead the ticket. And unlike with Hillary Clinton, whose campaign have arguably made crucial mistakes, we’ve got the experience to lead us.
But if women as a political force have been empowered by the opposition to a Trump regime, bent on undermining years of earned reproductive rights, the Democratic Party in particular has a lot of work to do in order to throw undivided support for them. For starters, party and the candidate it’ll choose, must be fully committed to the progressive agenda that Americans voted for last Nov.
A set of basic demands – climate change action; Medicare for all; labor, tax, and immigration reforms, reproductive and minority rights, gun control, affordable education, and a few other issues – must be the core of their campaign, and on everyone’s hearts.
For sure, these are issues that mankind needs to tackle, and in the case of climate change, any remedial, incremental set of actions simply won’t do it. But it’s also because it’s where the U.S. has an obligation to lead the world, as its most powerful economy and biggest polluter. That’s the inspiration other countries need from America, so we’re all in sync, working together to save this planet.
Finally, this year’s March 8 may be marked by Saudi Arabia’s plans to trial, and very likely condemn, a group of women activists, for ‘undermining the security’ of the kingdom. Another murderous regime Trump has praised and may have financial ties with, the Saudis likely set the trials to coincide and in defiance to the date. They must be confronted and held accountable for their actions.
Tomorrow, though, is Fat Tuesday. Parties, parades, and celebrations, are going on all over Latin America, the Caribbean, and of course, New Orleans. Regardless commercial distortions, elite manipulation, and staggering costs, footed mainly by poor people, bless those who prepare the entire year to enjoy Carnival, a time to dress up and party and rejoice for being human. We’re all for it. WC


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  1. tmezpoetry says:

    Well yeah that Bernie is coming back on the ticket!


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