Lost Weekend

Polaroids of Lennon &
Friends Surface in L.A.

A trove of never-before published Polaroids of John Lennon, his three Beatle mates, Harry Nilsson, Pete Moon and members of the Rolling Stones has just been uncovered. Patti Daley, a close friend of late guitarist Jesse Ed Davis, took them in the 1970s and now has decided to share them with the world.
When Lennon left Yoko Ono in 73 and spent 15 months in California in what he later called his “lost weekend,” his rented Santa Monica house quickly became a gathering point and a 24/7, alcohol-fueled party place for some of his then closest friends.
Daley went along when Davies got invited to play on the two albums Lennon released during the period, “Walls and Bridges” and “Rock’n’Roll,” and took copious amounts of candid pictures. Nilsson, Ringo Starr, Moon, Ron Wood and many of the most talented musicians of the era looked like a very playfully motley crew of hangers-on, George Harrison and Paul McCartney included.
Among the collection, there’s a rare B&W shot of a very young Keith Richards, a sleepy looking Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts, and Eric Clapton and his then girlfriend, Patty Boyd, who’d just left Harrison.
The former Beatle appears in one of Daley’s favorites holding a visibly altered Lennon. The shot that seems to encapsulate the spirit of the place was not even taken there, but in a club in Los Angeles. A mustachioed McCartney playing the piano may be on his first visit to his old mate after the Beatles breakup.
Davis, a gifted Native American musician, died of a drug overdose in 1988 without ever receiving the recognition and billing of some of his peers. The lost weekend, which lasted several months and wasn’t lost at all, did come to an end when Lennon rejoined Yoko Ono in New York City in 1974.

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